Antarctic Krill Oil

The thing that makes Antarctic Krill Oil so good is that it has the good fats but it also has a lot of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants help increase your health by helping with our heart, immune system, memory and also slow down the aging process. Krill oil is very high in anti oxidants and can really help your health.

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The Problem with Fish Oil

Fish would be the perfect food if not for pollutants. Fish are accumulating dangerous levels of heavy metals and mercury. Some suggest that you should not even eat fish any more.

Fish oil also has low levels of antioxidants – as your levels of fish oil increases you need more antioxidant protection. Fish oil can go rancid, so you need more antioxidants to keep it fresh.


The above issue with fish oil was a problem for a long time. Now with Antarctic Krill Oil the problem has been solved. This NKO krill oil is recommended by the number one natural health Doctor in the world – Dr. Mercola. Antarctic Krill Oil fixes the problem with a great combination of antioxidants and omega 3.

The Winner NKO

The combination of powerful antioxidants and Omega 3 have many health benefits. These many benefits range from the brain the heart the skin and much more. So the winner is you if you so desire to try the Antarctic Krill Oil.

The New and Improved Delivery System.

Antarctic Pure Krill Oil was already the best on the market but they figured out how to make it even better. The gel caps were changed for a 2 piece hard shell caps that is sealed with a band. This has many advantages.

  • Get more product – less inactive ingredients.
  • Improves bio availability
  • Keeps out Oxygen
  • Reduces heat and moisture sensitivity

Neptune Krill Oil What are They?

Krill are small prawn shrimp like creatures. Krill feeds the largest animals in the world – the whales. Krill and plankton make up the largest food in the world. It is considered one of the most easily renewable foods. This makes it an excellent choice that is good for the environment.

Neptune Krill Oil Benefits.

  • Collected far away from industrial areas with international conservation standards
  • Cold extraction process creates a contaminants free safe oil.
  • High in DHA and EPA
  • Antioxidants
  • Phospholipids


Conclusion NKO is one of the best things you can do for your health. Our diets are way too high in Omega 6 and too low in Omega 3. Krill Oil is full of the good Omega 3 – so it is a great way to start to get your Omega 3 ratio closer to Omega 6. Krill is recommended by the most respected natural health doctor in the world – Dr. Mercola. So trust the most respected Dr in the business and get healthy.

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