Best Fish to Increase Your Omega 3

I will show you some of the best fish and seafood to increase your omega 3 levels. Eating fish is the best way to increase your health. In a perfect world fish would be the perfect food. Some of the best fish are the following

  • Salmon
  • Anchovies
  • Mackerel Atalnatic
  • Sardines
  • SableFish
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Tuna albacore

Two problems exist with this statement. One is the fact that we are running out of fish at an alarming rate. Two fish has become loaded with Mercury and heavy metals.

Over Harvesting of Fish.

Many marine ecologists say the biggest threat to our oceans is over fishing. The technology we have created is able to far out match the ability of the fish to reproduce. So when it comes to increasing our omega 3 we are hit with a big problem about eating fish to increase levels. Here is a link to Environmental Defense Funds page that suggests Eco-Best Fish. This page also has a heart best to the Best Fish to Increase your omega 3.

Mercury and other Contaminants in our Fish.

Salmon has been touted by experts for years to be heart healthy for it’s abundance of omega 3. The only problem is that the salmon bought in the super market is farm raised. Studies show that the feed for farm raised fish are chock full of contaminants. We all know what unnatural diets do to animals think meat and milk. Salmon are so changed by this diet they have to be injected by food color (which opens up other problems) just to make them look pink again like there wild brothers and sisters.

So I still recommend eating “wild” salmon. It can be very expensive and also hard to find. SO what is one to do?

Salmon Oil

Salmon oil can be a much better choice to increase your omega 3 levels. It is cheaper then buying the fish. If you get a quality product it will be free of contaminants. Also if you get an excellent salmon oil it will be high in anti oxidants such as

  1. Rosemary
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Astaxanthin
These provide great protection form free radicals in the body but also protect the fish oil stay fresh. I have found one such product Salmon Oil

Krill Oil

Krill oil is a better way to Increase your Omega 3 levels. Some of the experts say that Krill oil is better then fish oil because of the following reasons.

  • Krill Oil has more and better anti oxidants
  • Krill is a more renewable food resource
  • Krill oil has it’s Good Fats (DHA and EPA) bound to phospholipids – which make the good fats more easily absorbed by the body
To find an excellent Krill Oil. Vital Choice NKO Krill Oil


Wild fish is an excellent way to Increase your Omega 3 levels. Just make sure the fish you buy is actually wild caught fish. There are other ways to increase your omega 3 levels such as taking a good quality supplement. I have giving you a couple of good choices but the important thing is to increase your omega 3 levels. It will make you healthier and happier!

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