Fish Oil Effects

Fish Oil Effects

Fish Oil Effects are many and wide reaching to increase your health. Some examples of Health effects are

  • Healthy Heart
  • Help with memory
  • Helps with Healthy Joints
  • Slows down Aging
  • Immune System Boost
  • Healthy Liver
  • Helps with Brain and Nervous System
These are just some examples of the healthy effects of Fish Oil.

Why not Simply Eat Salmon or Fish?

The experts tout Salmon as one of the healthiest foods known to man because of it’s high omega 3 levels. The problem is the Salmon and the fish you buy in the super market is farm raised. They are fed a diet of corn, cereal grains, other fish and other additives.

Studies Show

The studies show the feed can contain high levels of contaminants. One study found that a low level contaminant brand could not even be found. All the feed tested was very high in contaminants. A study reported that farm raised salmon in both the Atlantic and the Pacific had 10 times the PCB’s, dioxins and pesticide.

Unnatural Diet.

The diet of the fish caused the omega 3 levels to lower. The fish raised in ponds also are injected with orange dye to make them look more natural.

Most Salmon I Bad For you.

Farm raised salmon has very high levels of arachidonic acid. This fat is the wrong kind. It is very inflammatory. Anti Inflammation is Omega 3 best Property. So this is quite the opposite of what we are looking for in Salmon.

Inflammation the Quiet Killer.

Chronic inflammation is said by many natural doctors to be the main problem with Americans and everyone eating the western diet. It is the blame for heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, mood disorders, diabetes, obesity and much more.

You still should eat salmon if you can find a wild unpolluted source. This is getting harder and harder to do. The price will also be high if you do find this. For a much better investment you could just get buy a high quality Salmon Oil

Most Fish Oils are Low in Anti Oxidants.

The Salmon Oil LINK I recommend has plenty of great anti oxidants. This Exclusive blend includes

  • Rosemary
  • Vitamin E
  • Astaxanthin
This great blend also keeps the salmon oil Fresh. These anti oxidants give the following Helath benefits.
  • Healthy Heart
  • Help with memory
  • Helps with Vision
  • Slows down Aging
  • Immune System Boost

The Salmon Oil I Recommend

Has the following qualitites.

  • Rigourous selection process. Over 95% of raw fish is rejected
  • Handling is executed with extraordinary care and speed to prevent healthy fish oil effects from decreasing
  • Each batch is tested independently for Mercury, PCB’s, pesticides, dioxins, and other heavy metals
  • Commits to high production standards
  • Uses Cold pressing and molecular distillation processes

You must agree this is the best Salmon Oil on the Market.

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