Fish Oil Nutrition

Omega 3 Fish Oil Nutrition

has many healthy benefits. Fish oil can be an excellent way to increase your omega 3 levels.

Omega 3 and what is the problem.

Many studies show that we (Americans) are low in Omega 3. According to the studies

  • 60% of us are very low in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 20% of us have levels so low it cannot even be detected by tests

Reasons for low Omega 3 levels

  • We eat too much trans-fats
  • Too much saturated fats
  • We use too much vegetable oils high in Omega 6

In a perfect world you could get your entire omega 3 DHA and EPA from eating fish. Today we are dumping tons of mercury and heavy metals into our air and water. Many natural Doctors think that fish are getting too much mercury to be safe to eat.

Farm Raised Salmon

Salmon purchased at your local supermarket is farm raised. These farm raised fish eat cereal, corn and other nasty additives. The feed used is contaminated. The unnatural diet almost always causes the Omega 3 Fish Oil Nutrition levels to lower. Salmon raised on farms are so changed that the salmon have to be injected with orange colored dye to make them look like salmon.

The two Essential Fats.

The two types of Omega 3 we should strive to increase are DHA and EPA. These 2 have been shown to

  1. Increase Heart Health
  2. Increase Your Immunity System
  3. Helps to properly maintain cholesterol levels
  4. Obviously helps you increase your Omega 3 levels
  5. Reduce the signs of Aging
  6. Supports memory
  7. Too Many other Health Benefits to write Here

The human brain is made up of 60% fat. Much of this fat is the DHA and EPA. SO it just makes sense that if these levels are low you can have trouble. Problems that could be attributed to low Omega 3 are depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and many others.

What to do?

Fish oil can help you increase your omega 3 levels. I have researched fish oils very stringently and have found one I can highly recommend. The product is Vital Source’s Fish Oil. Some of the reasons I like this product are the following.

  1. It is an Inexpensive pure fish oil with a natural lemon flavor
  2. A 100% Lifetime guarantee
  3. Certified to be free of environmental contaminants
  4. Excellent Manufacturer Processes in Place to Make the best Product on the market
  5. 100% Salmon Oil that is chock full of DHA and EPA


Krill Oil is now said to be better then fish oil. Many reasons exist for this statement.

  1. Krill Oil has more and better antioxidants then fish oil.
  2. Krill oil is a more renewable food source
  3. Krill has the good fats (DHA and EPA) bound to phospholipids – which make it more easily absorbed by the body.

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