Fish Oil Softgels

Fish Oil Softgels

One good way to increase your Omega 3 is Fish Oil Softgels. Everyone agrees that increasing your omega 3 can have many health benefits. Some of these many benefits include.

  1. Heart Heatlh
  2. Liver Function
  3. Excellent shiny Skin
  4. PMS Relief
  5. Increases Immune Function
  6. Mood Support
  7. Normalize Blood Sugar
  8. Normalize cholesterol
  9. Helps Decrease Signs of Aging
  10. One of it’s best qualities is Anti-Inflammatory
  11. Helps with Alzheimer’s

Omega 3 and Contaminants.

Different people suggest different ways to increase your levels. Some say we should eat more fish but many say almost all fish contains way too many contaminants. Cheaper fish oils can contain these same contaminants. These contaminants include

  • Heavy Metals
  • Mercury
  • PCB’s
  • Other Toxins

Why not just Eat Salmon?

Salmon has been touted for its high quality omega 3 levels. The problem is that all the salmon you buy at the supermarket is farmed. They eat food made from cereal grains, corn and other food that a salmon would never eat in nature. We know what happens when animals eat food other than is natural. Farm raised fish become so unnatural that they have to inject these poor fish with orange dye to make them look real.

How to Make Sure Your Fish Oil Softgels is the Highest Quality.

You need to make sure the manufacturer uses the highest quality processing. I have found one that uses the following processes to make sure their product is of the highest quality.

  • Uses a very rigorous select process. Over 95% of the fish is not chosen for this fish oil softgels
  • Once the selection process is complete – great care is taking to prevent any spoilage
  • Each and every batch is tested by an independent lab for any contaminants
  • After production the oil is tested again for contaminants
  • Uses Cold Processing – which makes sure you receive a 100% high quality fish oil softgels.
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Krill Oil – A Better Way to Increase Your Omega 3 Levels.

Krill oil has been shown to be better then fish oil in many ways. Some of the following are reasons to choose kill oil over fish oil. Krill Oil has more and better anti oxidants then fish oil. This keeps the product form going rancid which can be really be a problem with cheap products. Krill is a more renewable food source. We all know that our supply of fish is getting dangerously low. Krill oil also has it’s good fats (Omega 3) bound to phospholipids. This makes the Omega 3 more absorbent for the body. Click – TO learn more about Krill Oil.


It is imperative to make sure you fish oil is of the highest quality. There are dangerous contaminants luring out there and you really should be careful which method you decide to use to increase your omega 3. Eating salmon is the best way to increase your omega but only if you can get wild unpolluted source. It will cost a lot to get this type of salmon. For just a fraction of the price you can get a very high quality Salmon Oil. You also may want to consider using Krill Oil to Increase your Omega 3 levels. It is said by many natural health practitioners to be much better then fish oil. So find a good way to increase your levels and enjoy the possible health benefits you may enjoy!

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