Food High in Omega 3

Food High in Omega 3

Food high in omega 3 have been shown to be better absorbed from Omega 3 Foods then from Omega 3 Supplements. . This is just natural if you understand the holistic functioning of the body. The main goal is to increase your levels to reap the Omega 3 Benefits. The drug companies want to find the one component of Omega 3 that is responsible for the health benfits. When in reality it is always many things working together. You will never find a supplement that works better then the whole healthy food containing that vitamin or component.

Foods Containing Omega 3

Food High in Omega 3 include Salmon, Flax Seed and Walnuts Omega 3 Many Omega 3 Fish contain good levels of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Another creature that contains good levels is the Krill. I have also been educated by one of my website readers about Salba. This is another food that has high levels.

What Food(s) are best.

The more I have learned about Omega 3 the more I am convinced that eating as many of these as possible will increase your levels. Plus if you are eating the foods above you will eat less of the standard American diet. In and of itself will increase your ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s.I also get Golden Organic Flax seed and add to my orange juice. The flaxseed also has healthful lignans and is full of fiber. Krill Oil, New Improved, Omega 3's


The main point of this page is to increase your ration of Omega 3 to Omega 6. The American diet is way to high in Omega 6. This causes Inflammation which is finally being recognized as the cause of almost all our diseases of affluence. SO eat some food and Increase Your Omega 3 Levels and Increase Your Health.

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