Grass Fed Food

Grass Fed Food

Grass Fed Food is surprisingly healthy for you. Unlike the grain fed animals – pastured animals eat as they did before mass production of animals. 85 – 95 percent of cows are confined instead of running around like they should. I would think that the percentage of other farm raised animals is about the same percentage. There are many problems with the confinement of animals. I will stay away from the happiness of the animals but you must think of that too. The animals raised in confinement and fed grains contain much less Omega 3 Health Benefits.

Grass Fed Omega 3 Animals are Much Healthier

Milk from pastured cows also contains an ideal ratio of essential fatty acids or EFAs. Grassfed Beef is higher in Omega 3 than fishNormally a good ratio for omega 6:3 in fish is 2 or 3 to 1. The lower the better. Grass-fed beef from Grassfed Organics is much higher in Omega 3 than fish, with a 6:3 ratio of 0.16 to 1. This information is from a study done at Iowa State University in August 2001.

Krill Oil, New Improved, Omega 3's

You can be very happy and healthy eating a steak with stats like the above. GIDDY UP! The only downside to grass fed foods is that it is harder to find. It is very obvious that mass produced meat and eggs are detrimental to your health. Omega 3 Eggs is healthy for you. It is such a shame that we (Americans) are like this. It is funny when you see milk with Omega 3 added. If they just let the cows live outside like they should and eat like they should they would have a healthy product. Instead they try to get every ounce of unhealthy milk or meat they can. We the consumer pay in the long run.


grass fed omega 3 is a positive for our health. Confinement and grain fed food is detrimental to our health. The choice is easy. Finding the product might be a bit harder. Grass fed beef has higher levels of Omega 3 then fish. So grab your self a great big grass fed steak and cook it up for the family.

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