Solo Build It!
Solo Build It!

My Story

I have always been very interested in health. I read so many articles and books. The web is a tremendous resource for learning about health. One thing that kept coming up in many of the articles I was reading was the health benefits of Omega 3. So I really became interested in trying to get healthier by increasing my levels. I truly believe it has helped me become healthier.

Earn extra Money

I have always had an entrepreneur mind. I have tried this and tried that and the other on How Make Money from Home. I am a computer professional and actually create web based software. So my first attempt way back when was I created a little software application that had to do with surfing? Let’s just leave it at that. I did not lose much money just advertising but made nothing. I spent many hours creating this software.

Traffic is Expensive

I have created websites from the ground up. I had a LAMP website that I did absolutely everything. LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySql and PHP. Well I created a great website and it really cost me absolutely nothing. It took many many hours of work, almost all getting the site up. SO I did not spend the time on the Content of the website. The problem arose when I found how expensive traffic is to get your website. Without Google ranking you just sit there unless your get PPC (pay per click). That is expensive and I was nowhere near making a profit so I had to quit trying that too.

I have recurring costs from the previous website still coming in every month. I’ll be glad when they end (I mean my wife will be happy).

Dumb Luck

So as my last website was dying a painful death, one day I was just surfing the web researching some health issue or another. OK this brings me to an important part of my life. I am an avid more like RABID surfer. I would rather surf then pretty much anything! SO if you ever see a crazy older guy (but oh so young at heart) out surfing in the middle of the winter with a big dumb smile - it’s probably (hopefully) me. But I digress. I saw an ad for a company called SBI and I read and watched the video.. I was quite impressed but I do not just pay for something easily.

Performed my Due Diligence

I mean I really researched the product. I even emailed and spoke with current clients (website owners). They talked it up like it was the best thing since the surfboard was invented. Well I researched and read and watched the videos they had.

The Wife is not Feeling It!

I spoke with my wife and she was - let’s say less then supportive. I may have left out a “few” other “business opportunities” I have had since I got married. Without going into specifics I have lost the family a bit of money over the years. So if you ever try day trading please and I repeat please use a stop and don’t move it. (OK I am going to have to see my therapist after that one) In my defense I really don’t or didn’t give a Shiznick about the cash. In fact my goal till I met my wife was to live on the beach and I mean on the beach (not in a house). OK well now I really care about money but only because I have kids and every good DAD only wants the best for his kiddies.

Solo Build It!

It's A Go!

Anyway I talked my wife into my latest adventure. She is starting to appreciate this decision but not quite yet. When she has every shoe ever sold I think she might crack a smile and forgive me for prior “business opportunities”. SO like I said I am a web programmer. I can make a whole application but my goal this time was to spend more time on the content then the computer aspect. Well once you get the package they give you step by step instructions. I mean any moron can do this – I mean that honestly. I am living proof – just ask my wife she will tell you - well she would use expletives – the F-Bomb and a few words I am not even sure what they mean.

SBI is the Real Deal.

SBI is the real deal. I am 6 months in and I am doing pretty well. I am in the top 1% of websites. This means I am starting to get decent traffic. If I was paying PPC (pay Per Click) for the traffic I get now it would cost a fortune and it’s all free. They show you exactly how to do it and with Integrity. The best part is it’s not tricking the search engines. It’s just giving them what they really want and that is good content.

It Takes Time

One thing I will state is it still takes a good amount of time. I have a full time job plus I surf any time waves are up. I have 2 kids (the most wonderful girls in the world – Danee and Cyndey or Princess and Angel) which I spend plenty of time with – Oh did I mention I have another on the way. IT’S A BOY! WOO FREAKING WHO! I also play volley ball on a league twice a year. I am also a rabid football fan. So Sundays in the fall and winter are out. Hey maybe this does not take that much time? No it does – you still have to do all the content creation.

So Simple

The good thing is SBI takes care of all the technical aspects. They even have a real simple html editor. I actually use it. I could create web pages all day long – o yea I do. I use their tool because it is so simple and I really do not want to get tied down by the technical aspects. They give you all the extra tools too. I mean tools to keep track of hits, linking tools, look and feel tools. You really do not need anything but what they supply. The only other thing I use is Google webmaster tools. I am using that less and less because I can get all that information from the tools SBI gives you.

How Make Money from Home

SO if you ever wanted to make some extra money or start a website. I am telling you this is the way to do it. You are never alone. They have forums for ever single step. They have email help and they even have live help I think? Anyway any time you have questions you can ask. They have a video on each step and how to get started. I was not even sure what I was going to base my website on but that is part of the getting started with the SBI program. They help you hone in on what your website will be about.

So if you really want to DO IT. I am telling you SBI gives you the best chance of making it happen.

Good Luck,Dan P. Marsh

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Solo Build It!