How Much Fish Oil?

How Much Fish oil should I take? That is a very good question. I think what needs to be mentioned here is that Fish oil is mainly used to increase your omega 3 levels. Increasing your omega 3 levels helps with so many different health problems that is a no brainer to find ways to increase your levels. Click Here to see more about Omega 3 Health Benefits.

The amount of fish oil to take really depends on why you are taking it. For most people’s reasons the amount suggested on the product should be fine. If you have a very distinct reason for taking the fish oil you may up the amount. Fish oil is very safe so higher amounts can be taking.

Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio

The important thing to know about increasing your Omega 3 levels is that the problem is our ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. We Americans and anyone that eats the Western Diet get way too much omega 6 in our diet. I like to call this diet the SAD (Standard American Diet). If you want to increase your health you want to increase your Omega 3 and decrease your omega 6. You should reduce your intake of

  • processed foods
  • margarine
  • Most cooking oils are full of Omega 6’s.

How much fish oil and Quality products.

A quality product is more important than how much fish oil you should take. If you get a high quality fish oil with the following properties you can be assured to increase those omega 3 levels. Look For a product that has

  1. A pure fish Source – not a mixture of fish
  2. Must have plenty of Anti-Oxidants – so the Fish Oil does not go Rancid or bad
  3. Plenty of DHA and EPA – the whole reason to take an Omega 3 supplement
  4. Processed in such a way to keep the vital nutrients in tact – No excessive heat used to process
  5. Must filter out impurities like
    • Mercury
    • PCB’s
    • other Toxins
    • Heavy Metals
  6. and have a proven commitment to quality
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Krill Oil Better then Fish Oil?

Some natural health professionals say that the Krill oil is better then fish oil. Here are some of the reasons they suggest for this statement.

  • Krill Oil is a more renewable food source
  • Krill oil has more and better anti oxidants
  • Krill oil has the good fats (DHA and EPA) bound to phoshpolipids which make the good fats more bioavailable to the body – or more easily absorbed
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The amount of fish oil you take is not as important as increasing your omega 3 and decreasing your omega 6 levels. If you use a high quality supplement you should be sure that you will increase those levels. You can also increase your levels by eating wild fish, walnuts, eggs high in omega 3 and other foods. Learn more here about Omega 3 Foods. The health benefits are many and varied – so jump on the Omega 3 band wagon and get healthier!

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