Liquid Omega 3

Liquid Omega 3

Liquid Omega 3 include many health benefits. The important thing to take away from Omega 3 is that increasing your Omega 3 levels is very beneficial. Some of the omega 3 fish oil benefits include.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Cardiovascular health
  • Decrease Depression, Anxiety, sleeping problems
  • Lower Incidence of Childhood Disorders like ADD
  • Reduction of Colon, Prostate and Breast Cancer
  • Better Brain Function
Other Omega 3 Benefits.

Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil

Carlson Cod Liver OilTo learn More about Carlson Cod Liver Oil and Fish OilCarlson Fish OilThere are two kinds of liquid omega 3. Fish oil and cod liver oil. Omega-3 fish oil and cod liver oil are the same except for one important difference. Cod liver oil has vitamin A and Vitamin D. Vitamin D is just like Omega 3. You are hearing good things about Vitamin D all the time. We can usually get enough Vitamin D in the summer. If you get in the sun a couple of times a week – you should be OK. So you should take Cod liver oil in the winter and fish oil in the summer. You can get too much vitamin D – so you should be careful and only take cod liver oil I the winter months.

A Word of Advice

Fish would obviously be the best way to get Omega 3. Some are saying that almost all fish is contaminated with way too much Mercury along with other heavy metals. That is why the Liquid Omega 3 is recommended. You still need to get a good brand of fish oil. The fish oil or cod liver oil should be tested by an independent tester to make sure the heavy metals are not in the fish oil. My personal choice is Carlson’s brand. It is tested for mercury and other heavy metals.


One important thing to mention is that the taste is not bad at all. Make sure you purchase the lemon flavored or some kind of flavor. I have accidentally purchased the natural flavor. Oh boy – that stuff is nasty. I mean NASTY. Just to let you know I took every drop of the “natural” tasting omega-3 fish oil. By the time I got to the end of the bottle I swear I was starting to get used to it. I still would never buy it without flavoring again. I like the lemon it tastes good and I can even get my kids to drink it.

My Choice

Another personal tid bit I would like to add is that I actually only take cod liver oil in the winter. The spring when I start getting out doors again My Choice to Increase my Omega 3 levels.


The important thing to take away from this is that Omega 3 levels are too low in the United States and probably most western nations. So to increase your health I personally believe increasing your Omega 3 is the best thing you can do. So there are many ways to increase you levels let’s get on it and get healthy.

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