Omega 3 Acids

Omega 3 Acids are one of those things you just have to add to your diet. Omega 3 has been show to be great for your whole health. The good thing about these healthy fats is that you may take them for one thing but the side effects of Omega 3 include such things as

  • Heart Health
  • Optimal Skin Health
  • Increase Concentration, Memory, Learning
  • Helps Depression
  • Helps with Diabetes – Blood Sugar Health
  • Increase the Immune System
  • Helps with Aches and Pains – Also can help Recover faster for those weekend warriors
  • Relief of PMS symptoms
  • Fights the Signs of Aging
I could go on and on. Omegas 3’s have been shown to help with just about every facet of your healthy being. If you don’t see something in that list above you could use some help with you are probably already taking a very good Omega 3 Supplement.

DHA May Help Prevent Macular Degeneration.

This latest study from the National Eye Institute found Omega 3 Acids are involved with eye health from a very early age. Increasing your Omega 3 acids levels may reduce the risk of age-related Macular degeneration (AMD). The research showed a diet rich in great Omega 3 can “significantly prevent and in some cases reverse the AMD-like lesions in their animal model.” The research showed the omega 3 oils could directly lower the inflammatory signals within the eye structure. These signals lead to Lesion formation.

Omega 3 is lacking.

The study goes on to say – Omega 3 is woefully lacking in the American Diet and should be supplemented by one and all. Doing so is likely to avoid a serious eye problem that affects about 10% of the elderly population. As you can see eye health is not even one of the great “side Effects” I noted above. Omega 3 is just so good for so many of our American Health Problems – it is crazy not to increase those levels. If a study is suggesting increasing the levels of something that no large pharmaceutical company is going to get paid – then this must be serious advice.

Best way to Increase Omega 3 Levels.

I have been researching Omega 3 and Health for a long time. I am sure there are many healthy Omega 3 Supplements out there. I have found one company that I trust 100%. I have learned so much healthy information from this person. He recommends Krill Oil and Salmon Oil to Increase those Omega 3 levels.

Krill Oil

I personally think Krill Oil is better than Salmon oil or Fish Oil because of the following reasons. Krill oil has more and better anti oxidants. Krill oil is a more renewable food source then fish. Krill also has its good fats bound to Phospholipids that make them more easily absorbed by the body.

Vital Red Krill Oil

Salmon Oil

The best fish oil should have the following qualities.

  1. Consist of Pure Fish Source
  2. Must have a high Quality Purification Process – Must not have Mercury, PCB’s, and other toxins
  3. Must have good Anti oxidants for free radical protection and preservation
  4. Must have good amounts of DHA and EPA
  5. Processing must not lose vital Nutrients
This is the Qualities of the Salmon Oil I recommend.Thanks and Increase those Omega 3 levels. You can thank me later.

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