Omega 3 Depression

Omega 3 Depression – What is Depression?

Omega 3 Depression - What is Depression and what can Omega 3 do for your mental health?

Depression is very hard to define but I think everyone with Depression knows exactly what it feels like. Depression is having the blues for a longer period of time then is normal.

Omega 3 depression affects many many Americans. Depression can be very mild to a most debilitating disease. At its worst it can be felt deep inside your soul. It pains your every thought. It takes the joy out of every action in your life. It makes your fun times dull times. It is a disease and any one who has it or has experienced it knows how devastating it is.

It is normal for all of us to feel down from time to time. Someone with full on depression has the some or all of the following symptoms.

  • Sleeping Problems. Not enough sleep and on the other end of the spectrum - getting too much sleep.
  • Weight loss of weight gain.
  • No energy
  • Negative self evaluation
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Either too much energy or not enough energy.
  • Suicide - death thoughts.
  • Loss of hope.

Omega 3 and Depression – What Can Omega 3 do for You?

Studies have shown that increasing your omega 3 intake through fish oils and diets rich in omega 3 can treat, relieve and improve many of the problems associated with omega 3 and depression and bipolar disorder. Omega 3 fatty acids which come in many forms Omega 3 Sources and Omega 3 Supplements have been scientifically shown to help with depression. A point that should be mentioned about omega 3 mood enhancement is that Omega 3 have also been shown to help with many other Omega 3 Benefits. So while Increasing Omega 3 for depression you may also help with other problems. If you can kill two birds with one stone it’s a good thing.


Many Studies have shown the benefits of higher Omega 3 and lower incidence of depression. Increasing your Omega 3 levels really do not have any side effects. This is My Choice to increase your Omega 3 levels. So if you are looking for a natural place to start for decreasing mental depression. You can’t go wrong with increasing your Omega 3 levels.

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