Omega 3 Fish

Omega 3 Fish

Omega 3 Fish is one of the best sources of the good Omega 3. omega-3 fish has the best kinds of Omega 3. It has both DHA and EPA. These are the best forms for getting the health benefits. Omega-3 fish is freely available and can be purchased at any grocery store among other places.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of omega3 fish (omega 3) are almost unending. I am going to note a few here.

  1. heart disease
  2. cancer
  3. depression
  4. Alzheimer's
  5. rheumatoid arthritis
  6. diabetes
  7. ulcerative colitis
  8. Raynaud's disease
  9. a host of other diseases

Fish contains lots of essential minerals including selenium, zinc, iodine, and iron. It is also a great source of vitamins. So eat up. OK now that I said that let me give you the bad news. Please see the section below labeled mercury.

Omega 3 Levels

The following are oily fish in the order of omega 3 levels. Make sure to see the mercury warning below. Omega-3 fish below have the highest sources of omega 3.

  1. Mackerel
  2. Spiny Dogfish
  3. Herrings
  4. Sardines
  5. Pilchards
  6. Tuna
  7. Trout
  8. Strugeon
  9. Salmon
  10. Anchovies

Mercury - Omega 3 Fish

The following is very sad indeed. I personally do not believe that normal fish is healthy for you. The mercury levels in fish are getting way too high. Here is a link that shows which fish are better then others when it comes to mercury levels. ADD LINK. I got this quote off of Dr. Mercola’s web site He says.”Mercury levels in almost all fish have now hit dangerously high levels across the world, and the risk of this mercury to your health now outweighs the fish's omega-3 benefits.” Dr Mercola who has the best natural health website suggests this link for . healthy Fish I get nothing from suggesting this link. I really believe in the product.


Fish is almost the perfect food. It has good levels of Omega 3. Oily Fish has vitamin, minerals and high in protein. It just saddens me that our world has gotten to a point where the dangers out weigh the benefits of eating fish. I really would think of purchasing fish at a health food store. Purchase oily fish that is tested for heavy metals. The link above is one good source. Speaking of heavy metals – it’s a sad day when heavy metal means something other then ac/dc or Judas Priest?

Omega 3 Fish
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