Omega 3 Side Effects

Omega 3 Side Effects

Omega 3 side effects – When you think of side effects we are thinking about drug side effects. Omega 3 fish oil or omega 3 krill is just oil is not created like most drugs. These are natural products that are created from naturally occurring God created creatures. SO we are not talking about major side effects like sudden heart attack or thoughts of suicide.
I need to start off by saying that increasing your omega 3 levels has many Omega 3 Benefits. You can increase your levels by Eating Omega 3 Sources or by taking Omega 3 Supplements.

Side Effects are Minimal

There has been some talk about fish oil supplements making the blood thinner. I believe this is what aspirin does too. Omega 3 does not cause ulcers or other stomach problems with long term use. This is what I read from another site - it is recommended that anyone taking anticoagulant medications (blood thinning medications) such as Coumadin or taking any over-the-counter blood thinners such as aspirin, consult with a physician before taking any supplements. In addition, anyone who has a bleeding disorder should consult their physician.

Other Side effects.

Omega 3 Side Effects may include fishy aftertaste, gastrointestinal disturbances (e.g., nausea, bloating, belching). I believe these effects may be caused by cheap fishoil. Please make sure any brand of Omega 3 supplements you purchase has been tested for Heavy metals. Also make sure your brand is reputable.

The Only Real Possible Problem with Omega 3.

The only real problem I see with Omega 3 (whether taking a Omega 3 supplements or eating fish) is the possibility of high levels of Mercury Levels - Heavy Metals Mercury is the main culprit at this time but if it’s contaminated with mercury it is contaminated with many other toxic chemicals. So please make sure that the fish you eat or the supplement you take has been tested and is clean of the many contaminants.


Increasing your Omega 3 levels is safe. It is also a great idea to reap all the health benefits. Just please make sure you use a high quality product. If you do this you will be well on your way to health and happiness.

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