Omega 3 Sources

Omega 3 Sources

There are many Omega 3 Sources of food. I will try and touch on the most popular. There are many popular dietary plant and animal omega 3 sources that are rich in essential fatty acids or omega 3. Flaxseed oil, fish , etc have epa and dha (types of omega 3) fats. I will also link to pages that give much more information for each choice.


The most important thing to mention here is that Fish is accumulating higher and higher levels of mercury and other heavy metals. So it is very important to make sure you eat the fish with the lowest known mercury levels coupled with the highest Omega 3 levels. This link gives the latest levels of mercury in fish. I personally do not eat fish. I think the mercury problem and the over fishing issues makes this decision easy. This however is a personal decision. You can find fish that are tested and have low mercury levels. I will give a link to find healthy Salmon. The link is in the Omega 3 Fish Obviously healthy fish is one of your best choices.

  • Salmon
  • sardines
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Tuna
  • Bluefish


Vital Red Krill Oil, New Improved, Omega 3'sMy favorite omega 3 sources is Krill. Krill are tiny shrimp like things. Some of the largest animals on earth feed on Krill. Some whales love the Krill. So for me the best choice is Krill. Krill are on the bottom of the food chain and live for shorter periods of time. So they do not have high levels of Mercury. This makes Krill a great choice. Unfortunately it is quite hard to get yourself a can or pack of Krill. In fact I can’t remember the last time I saw Krill on the menu? So krill oil will be explained in the supplements section.

Krill also has very high levels of antioxidants to protect you from free radicals.

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Flax Seeds

Flax is very rich in Omega 3. The problem is that it is in the ALA form. This must be converted to the beneficial EPA or DHA type. Some people convert the ALA better then others. If you have high Omega 6 levels (Bad Fats) you will not convert the ALA to the beneficial type very good. So you should go with a source with high levels of DHA and EPA. Flaxseed also has other health benefits that must be mentioned. It has beneficial fiber and its higher lignan content.

One important thing to mention about Flax is that it should be milled or ground as you use it. Fresh ground flax seed keeps the healthy oils in much better condition. So it is much healthier.

Omega 3 Salba. This is actually a trademark name for chia? I guess chia pets really are a good plant "Ch-ch-ch-chia!" Salba is very high in Omega 3, Protein, fiber and also chock full of vitamins. While researching salba I read where salba could take care of world hunger. Well it appears that salba could be another good source of Omega 3. It appears to be as healthy as Flaxseed. So it could be a good addition to add to the ehalthy diet.


Everyone's favorite omega 3 sources is Walnuts. Walnuts are a very tasty way to increase your Omega 3. Walnuts have also been linked to lower blood pressure among many other health advantages. I think this is an easy way to increase omega 3 levels. Now why do you never hear about Walnut oil? I guess the same reason you never see people eating a handful of Flax seeds.

Other Types

I have heard about emu oil. I have not had the chance to evaluate. I have also heard about seal oil. I think seals have enough problems running from Great Whites. Maybe we should leave them out of the discussion. Other good options exist. Another source of omega-3's is pasture raised beef, eggs and dairy. Another source of omega-3


Many good Omega 3 Sources exist to increase you omega 3. I have tried to give you some of the pros and cons of the most popular. Many others exist but the above types seem to be the most available and popular. I will delve deeper into each of the above types in subsequent pages. Please use the contact us button if you would like to learn more about sources of omega 3 that is not mentioned here. I would be glad to research it for you.

Learn More About Omega 3 sources, Fish, Krill, Walnuts, Eggs, Organic Flax Seed, Grass Fed Food.

More Omega 3 Sources

Omega 3 Fish - Eating Oily Fish for Your Health.

Omega 3 Fish is one of the Healthiest Foods - Except for Mercury

Omega 3 Fish is one of the best sources of the good Omega 3. omega 3 fish has the best kinds of Omega 3. It has both DHA and EPA. These are the best forms for getting the health benefits. Omega 3 fish is freely available and can be purchased at any grocery store among other places.

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More Omega 3 Sources

Great Omega 3 foods - Krill.

Krill = Omega 3 foods includes Renewable Food Source, High Omega 3 Levels and It is very high n Antioxidants

Omega 3 Foods Krill are tiny shrimp like creatures that live in the Ocean. I know that most people do not think of Krill as food. Omega 3 Foods - Krill is food in Japan and people are trying to get us Americans to catch on. It has been harvested since the 1800’s for a food source for humans and domesticated animals.

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More Omega 3 Sources

Walnuts Omega 3 Super Snack.

Walnuts Omega 3 Crunchy, Healthy and Nutritious - You can't beat it as a Snack

Walnuts omega 3 trees have been grown for years. The walnut tree has always been revered throughout history. The walnut is a great way to add extra nutrition to a meal. Walnuts are a great snack. Walnuts are the only nut to contain a good amount of omega 3 source.

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Omega 3 Eggs - Make the Correct Choice and hit the Nutrional Gold Mine.

Omega 3 Eggs are an Eggcellent Choice to Increase Your Omega 3 Source.

Omega 3 Eggs have all the great benefits of Omega 3 Food that have been well documented. Ever since then designer foods have been coming out that boast higher levels of Omega 3. Omega 3 Eggs have joined the party. Since omega 3eggs are one of the best foods known to mankind I am happy about the eggs. They increase the Omega 3 levels by feeding the hens some kind of Feed that is higher in Omega 3 and therefore the hens lay eggs that are higher in Omega 3.

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Grass Fed Food is High in Beneficial Omega 3.

Grass Fed Food is High In Omega 3 and Have all the Omega 3 Health Benefits.

Grass Fed Food is surprisingly healthy for you. Unlike the grain fed animals – pastured animals eat as they did before mass production of animals. 85 – 95 percent of cows are confined instead of running around like they should. I would think that the percentage of other farm raised animals is about the same percentage. There are many problems with the confinement of animals. I will stay away from the happiness of the animals but you must think of that too.

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Organic Flax Seed has Many Great Health Benefits..

Organic Flax Seed is Very High in Healthy Fats Called Omega 3. Many Health Benefits Have Been Attributed to Omega 3.

Organic flax seed has a lot going for it. It is very high in beneficial omega 3. Flax seed has many health benefits. Golden organic flax seed is chock full of healthy fats or Omega 3’s or essential fatty acids. The only problem is that flax seed has the Omega 3 type known as ALA has to be converted to the kind of Omega 3 the body can use more readily.

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