Omega 3 Weight Loss

Omega 3 Weight Loss is a great thing. You can increase your omega 3 and lose weight plus get all the other Omega 3 Benefits. There has been much written recently about the link between omega 3 fatty acids and weight loss results. The evidence has been compelling, and suggests that omega 3 promotes weight loss, whether in the form of supplements, or increasing the intake of food that contains this essential fatty acid.

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You Actually Need Fats to Lose Weight.

You know that this goes against everything we are taught. To eliminate excess body fat, you need to make sure you're eating enough of the right fats. While it's true that some fats are not good for you, others are absolutely essential for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. While the body can transform carbohydrates and proteins into saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, it cannot produce certain polyunsaturated fats. These fats that the body cannot produce are called essential fatty acids (EFAs), and they must be obtained from Omega 3 Source that we eat or from Omega 3 Supplements

How Does it Work?

The key reason why increasing your omega 3 levels has such a wonderful effect on losing weight is that insulin levels were reduced by 50% for people who supplemented with fish oil. You probably know that insulin is related to diabetes and that is another benefit it can help with diabetes.

High insulin levels are believed to a main reason that fat is stored instead of burned. Calories are not your enemy - the wrong types of calories are your enemy. Processed foods and high carb food can cause the spike in insulin that can trigger all the bad effects.

Omega 3 weight loss can be achieved by the proper diet and nutrition health plan. Vitamins and Supplements products like fatty fish oil and good fat can be the difference between losing weight and the status quo. Try to incorporate body exercise programs and get a tip or two from the weight loss community. Your goal is achievable - you must find what works for you and stick with it. The most important thing is you must change things in your life to change!


Omega 3 can help increase your metabolism and thus increase weight loss. That is a wonderful thing but the added benefits makes omega 3 health benefits an easy choice. If you add increased Exercise and eating a better diet. Just think how far you can go.

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