Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteoarthritis results from deterioration or loss of the cartilage that acts as a protective cushion between bones, particularly in weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips.

As the cartilage is worn away, the bone rubbing against bone forms spurs, areas of abnormal hardening, and fluid-filled pockets in the marrow known as subchondral cysts. As the disorder progresses, pain results from deformation of the bones and fluid accumulation in the joints. The pain is relieved by rest and made worse by moving the joint or placing weight on it.

In early OA, the pain is minor and may take the form of mild stiffness in the morning. In the later stages of OA, chronic inflammation develops. The patient may experience pain even when the joint is not being used; and he or she may suffer permanent loss of the normal range of motion in that joint.

Who is Affected?

OA is one of the most common causes of disability due to limitations of joint movement, particularly in people over 50.

It is estimated that 2% of the United States population under the age of 45 suffers from osteoarthritis; this figure rises to 30% of persons between 45 and 64, and 63–85% in those over 65.

About 90% of the American population will have some features of OA in their weight-bearing joints by age 40.

Men tend to develop OA at earlier ages than women.

Omega 3 – How can it help.

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Reduce the need for Painkillers

Omega-3 supplements are far safer then painkillers that many arthritis patients take on a regular basis. This Omega 3 supplementation is absolutely essential for any comprehensive anti-inflammatory program, and a recent study even found that it can reduce the need for painkillers in people with rheumatoid arthritis.


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