Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3

Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3

Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 from my investigation does not mean anything. Apparently any one making this claim is simply over marketing the product. I think by adding the Pharmaceutical it makes people believe the product is high quality. You should not put much into this claim. It appears to be just a marketing ploy to sell product.

Why You Should Increase Your Omega 3.

Increasing your Omega 3 levels has been associated with many Omega 3 Health Benefits. The biggest benefits for us Americans are the Anti-Inflammatory effect it can have. Many doctors are pointing to inflammation in most of our major diseases from our SAD (Standard American Diet) diet. Inflammation causes the following

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Asthma
Plus many more See the Omega 3 Health Benefits Link Above. Choosing the correct Omega 3 Supplement can help you increase you omega 3 levels. You can also increase your levels by eating more good foods. Some good foods to increase those levels are Fatty Fish, Flax seed, Walnuts, and green leafy vegetables. I like to mix flax seed into my morning yogurt. It is high in fiber and cancer fighting lignans too. So you are getting added benefits.

Choosing a High Quality Fish Oil

I found 4 quick tests when getting a high quality fish oil. I retrieved this list from Dr Mercola’s website. This website is the best site I have personally found for health related information. He is a person dedicated to helping people get healthier.

  1. Make sure the brand is free of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants.
  2. Confirm low oxidation levels in the fish oil or cod liver oil.
  3. The fish oil should contain vitamin E
  4. Take the taste test
If your fish oil can pass all these tests then it should be good to go. You should take fish oil in the spring summer and fall. If your vitamin d levels get low in the winter you should change to cod liver oil. It has a good amount of vitamin D when you do not get enough sun.


Even though their does not appear to actually be a Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3. This does not mean you cannot get a high quality omega 3 supplements. Please try and be careful and purchase a high quality reputable brand. Omega 3 can change your life forever. You can thank me later.

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