Virgin Salmon Oil

Virgin Salmon Oil

Virgin Salmon Oil is the newest recommendation by Dr Mercola. Dr. Mercola is one of the most respected natural health professional in the country. This salmon oil is better for you then actually eating Salmon. Increasing your Omega 3 can have so many health benefits. Including

  • Heart Health
  • Increase your Immune system
  • Decreasing Depression
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Brain and Nerve Support
  • Health Benefits for the Pregnancy

The Best Way to Increase Your Omega 3

There is no better way to increase your Omega 3 levels then Krill Oil. I take krill oil myself and believe in it 100%. The point is not what you take but that you take a high quality supplement to increase those omega 3 levels. Some people however do not like the Krill for different reasons. Some are worried about shellfish allergies and some just like fish oil better. The most important thing is that you listen to your body. If fish oil is better to you then you should by all means take fish oil. The good news is that you have an excellent choice if you choose the fish oil.

This Salmon Oil. has many advantages over other fish oil.

  1. Virgin Salmon oil is made up one pure fish source.
  2. Many fish oils are made up of different species and this can make the omega 3 questionable.
  3. High Antioxidant level for great protection
  4. Most fish oils do not provide this so the oxidation becomes a major issue.
  5. Contains great Levels of both DHA and EPA
  6. These are the Omega 3 that show all the great Health benefits
  7. Process the fish without using heat.
  8. cold pressing and molecular distillation processes ensure you get a 100% natural product.
  9. The Salmon Oil has a high quality process for getting rid of mercury and other heavy metals
  10. An independent lab certifies the fish oil to be free from environmental contaminants.


Virgin Salmon Oil is a very good way to Increase your Omega 3 levels. Increasing those levels is very important. We westerners eat way too much omega 6. To get all the omega 3 health benefits you need to increase you Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. This fish oil is an excellent way to increase your levels. Researchers say 60% of us are have very low levels and 20% have levels that do not even show up on tests. Don’t be one of these statistics – get happy and get healthy.

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