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What is Fish Oil?

What is Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of fatty fish. Fatty fish are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil is made available to the body by intake of fish or by the intake of fish oil supplements. Some of the common fish types consumed for their beneficial oils are mackerel, sturgeon, mullet, tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, bluefish, menhaden, anchovy, and trout.

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Fish Oil in Combination with Other Nutrients

Fish oils are available in combination with quantities of vitamin E, because vitamin E plays a major role preserving the fish oil from spoilage. Some brands of fish oil supplements are also available with permitted quantities of B complex and other fat soluble vitamins. It is not uncommon to see permitted iron and calcium dosages in the supplement as well. You might have to consider the nutrients you are looking for when you decide on a specific brand.

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Different Grades of Fish Oil

When it comes to grades in fish oil, there are many of them. Some are low quality, unrefined and have a high risk of contaminants. There are superior refined grades that are contaminant free with well-preserved omega 3 content in them. When you shop out for the right brand, be clear to go for those types that are contaminant free.

Species Specific Fish Oil

When you look in to the label of the what is fish oil, some of them are highly specific about the species from which the oil has been extracted like krill oil, salmon oil, cod liver oil etcetera. Oil extracts from some species are considered superior to others based on certain fatty acid parameters. However, there are many labels that indicate just fish oil without mentioning the species name. The right choice of fish oil depends upon what you are exactly looking for.

Fish Oil is Recommended by all streams of Medicine

It is very interesting to note that both main stream and alternative medicines agree with the importance of fish oil intake. There are several advantages to taking fish oil supplements:

* Supplements are free from harmful contaminants like mercury, lead, calcium, methyl mercury and more. Direct consumption of fish likely poses the risk of contamination and food poisoning.

* Improper preparation of fish might lead to loss of beneficial fats like omega 3; however, fish oil supplements contain the beneficial fats like omega in the desired quantities and therefore favor appropriate bio availability and bio equivalence.

* While you need to bother a lot about the choice of foods to ensure omega 3 intakes in needed quantities, fish oil supplements eases the whole process providing you with the needed levels of omega 3 and you can carry on with the day to day prospects of life.


Many people prefer to take fish oil supplements either because they don’t like to take fish or because they don’t have time to carefully include fish in their dietary plan. Moreover, what is fish oil supplements available in the capsule form are more convenient for intake.

Whether you are taking fish oil to improve general health viability or for specific medical purpose, you need to be clear about the grade of the oil and the potency of the fish oil in question. If you are planning to take it for long, ensure the brand you are dealing with is safe for high level intake.

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